The Ministry of Higher Education Supports the Participation of Staff Members to Attend International Conferences


On the belief of the Ministry of Higher Education to support staff members for attending international conferences and their participation by acceptable researches, so the minister supports staff members as the following:

1)      For Arab countries amounting to 8000 pounds

2)      For European countries amounting to 10000 pounds

3)      For two Americans, East Asia, Australia and south Africa amounting to 14000 pounds

Their financial dues will be paid after their travel and they bring payment vouchers within the limits of the amounts described above and approved by the formed committee to evaluate the researches provided by scholars and they should fulfill the following paperwork to get the support:

1)      The approval of sending authority (university) for the travel of scholar to attend international conference

2)      The research plan submitted by the scholar to be published in the conference

3)      The approval of organizer authority of the conference for the research plan and his/her participation in the conference with acceptable research for recitation

4)      What stating that the international conference is published on the internet

5)      What stating that the contribution of the university (sending authority) to attend the conference.

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