The President Opens Seminar about the Textures Deformities and Diseases of Obesity


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary opens on Sunday the first series of scientific and educational lectures held by the Faculty of Physical Therapy entitled “Physical Therapy is lifestyle” from today until Thursday 21 April under the supervision of the dean Prof Dr Amal Fawzy.

As well, the president stressed that the physical therapy has occupied a privileged position in the integrated health care system that provides therapeutic services for patients of various diseases and injuries without side effects, pointing out that the organization of such events is a window to shed light on the new of physical therapy and consolidate concepts in society.

He points out that the pursuit of university for excellence requires us to seek how to improve the capacities and efficiency, skills and experts of employees in the field of Physical Therapy according to international quality standards to keep up with new developments in the field of physical therapy offering thanks and appreciation for those who prepare and organize this work especially staff members.

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