Morality in our religion


On complementing the series of preaching convoys and religious guidance organized by the Ministry of Awqaf in cooperation with Kafrelsheikh University, a symposium was held on Monday 7/3/2016 in the Faculty of Sportive Education about the importance of “morality in our religion” under the authority of Prof Dr Mohamed Mokhtar, the minister of Awqaf and the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary organized by the community service affairs sector under the authority of the vice president for community service and environment development.

This comes in the presence of the Sheikh Imam Ehab el Saeed Abed el Salam who spoke about the importance of spreading religious and moral awareness for guys and gals of universities especially in the case faced by the society of the spread of customary marriage among guys and gals and the opinion of Fiqh and religion from the prohibition of such marriages and the lack of legitimacy and what caused this marriage of damage to both parties.

As well, the Sheikh Imam Mohamed Mustafa Ridwan calls on the need for embracing our religion, deepen more and more in it and follow in the footsteps of the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) as Islam makes the human good and chaste.

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