El Kemary: we are about to Build a Mosque for Students and Hold Sportive Courses and Art


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets today the students of the Faculty of Medicine within his permanent interest for communication with the students to listen to their views, meet their demands and check on the level of what they receive of educational services and overcoming any obstacles facing the students.

The students welcome the president and in the beginning of the meeting, he said that the university hospital will be run empirically on the first of May and permanently on the first of June.

As well, the president mentions that the choice of administrators and staff members is done according to measurable international standards to achieve transparency and justice accessing to the best applicants in efficiency and there is no field for mediation or favoritism saying that “I have rejected to appoint sons of ministers as they do not meet the terms”

The president asks his students to do efforts for the elevation of the nation saying that “do not listen to destructive rumors launched by who wish to foil every march for success and destroy what we are building to impede the progress of nation; there are training courses for the third year students inside the hospitals to train on the latest techniques and medical equipment. The university will organize field visits and scientific trips for hospitals such as Maadi Armed Forces and the Military Faculty of Medicine and a visit for students for new Suez Canal Subway to see the latest scientific developments in the medical field.

El Kemary decides to hold sportive courses among the students of the different teams in the faulty in the fields (football, basketball and volleyball) for boys and girls and he adds that he will establish more clubs within the interest of the university of activities and asks staff members to hold periodic exams for evaluation of year for continuous assessment of students.

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