Workshop to Benefit from Knowledge Bank Initiative at Kafrelsheikh University


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary said during his meeting with the members of university book support committee that the university will hold workshop attended by a delegation from the supreme council to activate the ways of benefit from Sisi initiative about knowledge bank on Februrary 24, 2016 saying that “initiative bank will allow various sources of knowledge that will make it more accessible.

As well, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary asks the members of university book support committee to provide reference books in all faculties in preparation for canceling university notes next year.

He also explains that there is no way for the development of university education and raising its quality without relying on reference books as a way for research and getting information rather than conservation and indoctrination that the notes provide and also it be useful in providing gradual information and explanatory models that help to understand.

The President Prof Dr assures the need to form groups of senior professors in all specialisms to prepare such reference books.


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