The College of Nursing is the first university in football and the second in table tennis


Prof. Dr. Maha Abu Jazia, Dean of the College of Nursing, Vice Deans, and faculty members and administrators at the College would like to extend sincere congratulations and sincere thanks to Professor Essam, Secretary of the College, and for the care of young people, Prof. Mohamed El-Sharkawy and Dr. Shaima

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. / Abdel-Razek Desouki, President of the Community

And Prof. / Mohamed Abdel-Aal - Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

And Prof. Maha Abu Jazaih - Dean of the College of Nursing

Prof. Sabah Abul-Fotouh - Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs.

The College of Nursing participated in the University's Sports Excellence Festival, playing football and table tennis.

The College of Nursing team won the first place in Kafr El Sheikh University in football after it proved its presence among the teams participating in the tournament and the team was formed from:

·       Khaled Jumaa Diab.

·       Ibrahim Tariq Al-Saadani.

·       Hazem Abed Rabbo Al Banna - Top Scorer.

·       sayed Hussein Zaftawi - Best Player in the Tournament.

·       Hassan Hani Al Mahdi.

·       Muhammad Abdel Fattah Al-Minshawi.

·       Abdul Aziz Khaled Abdel Aziz - Best Goalkeeper for the Championship

Akram Abunur won second place at the university level in table tennis.

We wish them success and success.





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