Quran competition reads


  And when the Qur’an is recited, listen to it and be silent that you may receive mercy.”

under the care of
Professor Dr. Sabah Abu Al-Futouh
Dean of the College
In the presence of Professor Dr. Ihab Shaftar. Professor of Arabic Language at the College of Arts and Chairman of the Jury Committee
Today, the “Qur’an Recited” competition was held at 11 a.m., with all the participating students shining as usual, which ended with the students winning:
In first place
Student/ Munther Muhammad Arafat
In second place
Student / Mr. Ismail Al-Sayed
Student/ Khaled Muhammad Abdel Sattar
Student/Mohamed Al-Sayed Shaker
In third place
Student/ Mahmoud Ibrahim Zidane
Student/ Mustafa Ahmed
Student / Abdul Rahman Al-Adl
Student/ Mustafa Mohamed Al-Sayed
Student/ Mahmoud Abdel Hadi Al-Sayed
Student: Shaima Muhammad Abdel Sattar
And in fourth place
Student / Muhammad Ali Mujahid
Student/Khaled Walid Fathi
With our fullest wishes for all of them, success and excellence????????
All thanks to the judging committee and the organizing committee