Unit objectives


The tasks and services of the electronic services unit in the college are summarized as follows:-

1.    Follow up the work of the college's internal network

2.    Prepare periodic reports on faults, network efficiency and usage rate.

3.    Ensure that the original and anti-virus programs are loaded and running.

4.    Carrying out the required expansions for the college's wired and wireless network, in coordination with the university network.

5.    Supervising the periodic maintenance of computers and their accessories.

6.    Collecting and publishing college news.

7.    Publication of study schedules for the various study programs in the college.

8.    Follow up the activity of spreading news to users at the college level - departments - students' union - research projects and the various faculties.

9.    Coordination with the Quality Department to publish and complete the curriculum data on the portal.

10.  Providing technical support to users of electronic management systems.

11.  Reporting problems of electronic management systems and following up on their solution.

12.  Preparing periodic reports on the efficiency of work in the electronic management systems and the extent of their application in the college and the application obstacles, and submitting them to the unit director.

13.  Activating the use of electronic courses produced from other universities and related to the different majors in the college.

14.  Training of faculty members, students, and assistants in using electronic courses.

15.  Preparing student and faculty data for the electronic courses that are activated in the college and delivered to the university's production center to prepare student accounts on the content management system.

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