Methodology for the Unit's Work Mechanism


Methodology for the Unit's Work Mechanism: -

1. The internal and external review of the educational program description as well as the annual report of the program

2. Review course descriptions and their compatibility with the educational program

3. Review the research plans and the college program in community service and follow-up of graduates

4. Reviewing the reports of the curriculum file in the scientific departments to monitor the strengths and weaknesses, reinforce the strengths, and develop operational plans for weaknesses

5. Using the systems of questionnaires and personal interviews, collecting data and analyzing them statistically to identify the opinions of the beneficiaries of the service and to develop plans for improvement.

6. Organizing workshops, seminars and conferences with the aim of increasing awareness of educational quality

7. Development of the educational process in order to raise the graduate's competence and competitiveness

8. Effective communication with the Quality and Accreditation Centers

9. Preparing self-study and annual reports

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