The Faculty of Nursing at Kafrelsheikh University endeavors diligently and diligently to control quality standards in academic education within the college, and to achieve this goal the college has established alone quality assurance that carries out the tasks of following up and organizing quality work in a way that enables the college to achieve its academic mission distinctly, and the role the unit plays is To be facilitating the process of controlling quality processes, and to facilitate the transfer of expertise and good practices, in a way that enables everyone to apply it independently in all fields, and the quality assurance unit in the college senses the great challenge it is doing to bring about a qualitative transfer in the college program, in order to achieve the goals of the strategic plan considering that the unit Quality assurance is a tool to explore methods through which the college’s programs can become of high quality, efficiency and academic accreditation, also devise opportunities to develop skills, and spread best academic work practices, allowing for the addition of a positive educational experience that puts the college’s feet on the right path in achieving the college’s mission in The presence of scientifically qualified graduates to practice the profession of nursing in various health institutions and community services.

The application of quality concepts in colleges and departments is one of the most important initiatives adopted by Kafrelsheikh University within its colleges. Therefore, building an internal quality system and ensuring it is the driving force required to effectively push the college education system to achieve the college’s goals and mission. Thus, the college plays its role in supporting the mission and goals of the university and achieving global leadership and excellence in building a knowledge society, and all of this cannot be achieved without contributing with the college administration and its various departments in developing a long-term strategic plan to develop learning and education processes in line with the requirements of the age and the needs of society and the labor market.


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