plan of The Department of Nursing Administration

The department's role in developing the educational process

Review the descriptions and reports of the courses listed in the department in the context of the targeted learning outcomes of the undergraduate program.

Developing and implementing the study plan and practical and laboratory training plans for students.

Activating academic advising for undergraduate students.

Activating the coordinator role for the different academic decisions to document the link between the lecturer and the student in a way that serves the educational process

Work to monitor students' problems and work to solve them through various mechanisms

Conducting clinical case studies and discussing them with students to bridge the gap between theoretical teaching and practical application

Supervising internship students, following up on their training needs, and making a plan to meet these needs.

The department's role in international publishing.

Publication of international research, "Publication of an international research by Dr. / Nahla Mohamed Afifi, Assistant Lecturer."

Participation in international conferences by conducting scientific research.

 The department's role in community service and environmental development.

Participating in medical convoys, which took place with the university's participation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which served various villages belonging to the governorate that need health services, "November 2019", with the participation of the doctor. Shaima Ibrahim, "assistant teacher."

Holding seminars and workshops within the university's embassy of knowledge on "principles of first aid", Dr. Hamada Abdel-Hamid Khader, "Teaching Assistant in the Department," and Dr. Shaima Ibrahim, "assistant teacher."

Holding educational seminars and workshops in various faculties within the university, "Dr. Hamada Abdel-Hamid Khader" Teaching Assistant "and Dr. Shaima Ibrahim" Assistant Lecturer. "

Holding the department’s scientific day and inviting a number of academic institutions at the university to enrich it, whose focus was to discuss the topic of "improving intensive care" under the coordination of the doctor. Shaima Ibrahim, "assistant teacher" and the organization of all members of the scientific department.

Coordination with the Nursing Branch Syndicate in Kafr El-Sheikh to give seminars and workshops to raise the efficiency of nursing within the governorate.

Coordination with the directors of the intensive care units at the University Hospital in Kafr El Sheikh to train and raise the efficiency of nursing and nursing care in it.

 Participating in the college’s acquisition of a competitive student project submitted by the Project Support Unit at the Ministry of Higher Education “The project to enhance health skills among students and workers at Kafr El-Sheikh University,” where the deputy project director, Dr. Hamada Abdel-Hamid Khader, "Teaching Assistant."

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