Objectives of the Critical and Emergency Department:

In light of the vision and mission of Kafrelsheikh University, vision, mission and strategic goals of the Faculty of Nursing - Kafrelsheikh University, the objectives of the Critical and Emergency Nursing Department are:

1. Work to implement national reference standards for the quality of study programs.

2. Preparing qualified and trained nursing cadres in critical and emergency nursing, capable of continuous learning and keeping abreast of the developments and challenges of the profession.

3. Enhancing the self-learning skills and critical thinking of undergraduate students and upgrading them.

4. Responding to the requirements of the labor market inside and outside the country in terms of specialization and competence.

5. Motivating the department members and researchers to improve the quality of scientific research and to publish research internationally.

6. Directing the study and keeping pace with recent trends in the field of critical situations and emergencies.

7. Interacting with the community and its participation in solving its health problems and promoting the health level of all its members and working to spread the health culture.

8. Continuous development of workers in critical and emergency nursing.

9. Establishing effective partnerships with relevant centers and ministries at the local, regional and scientific levels to serve the local community.

10. Raising the scientific and research competencies of the faculty members and their assistants in the department.

11. Seeking to obtain local and international academic accreditation


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