Preparing a student capable of:

1.     Providing nursing care for adult patients in cases of internal medicine and surgery.

2.     Connecting the biological and psychological concepts and scientific foundations for the practice of surgical abdominal nursing.

3.     Applying scientific concepts and foundations from biological and psychological sciences in the field of surgical internal nursing.

4.     Practice the skills of surgical abdominal nursing safely and efficiently by following the scientific rules.

5.     Providing health education to patients and their families, depending on the patient's needs.

6.     Exercising responsibility and professional commitment towards the patient and members of the health team.

7.     Use appropriate educational resources and educational strategies for personal and professional improvement and development.

8.     The use of modern technologies and technology in the field of work to keep pace with the continuous change and the increasing health needs.

9.     To compete locally and regionally, and to be of high quality and professional competence.

10.  Acquiring the capabilities that qualify him to lead while working with his peers and the rest of the health team members.

11.  The link between the moral and legal aspects towards the values ??related to the social and cultural aspects that help in the practice of the nursing profession, the link between the moral and legal aspects and the values ??related to the social and cultural aspects of the patient during the provision of nursing care and the practice of the nursing profession

12.  Application of research results related to specialization in the field of practical training..