Conferences, workshops, seminars and scientific day


For conferences, workshops, seminars and a scientific day

1. The first scientific day of the Department of Women's Health and Obstetrics Nursing on 10/23/2019 entitled "Towards a better life for women's health"

2. An introductory seminar on the Knowledge Bank on 11/3/2019

3. A religious seminar entitled “Raising religious awareness and strengthening national belonging among young people” on 11/11/2019

4. The first scientific day of the Community Health Nursing Department on 11/18/2019 entitled "The impact of social media on youth health and how to deal with it"

5. A workshop entitled occupational safety and health in a safe work environment, in the presence of college students on 11/16/2019


6. The first scientific day of the Pediatric Nursing Department, on 12/8/2019, under the title “Feeding challenge of high risk neonates”

7. The first scientific day for the Critical and Emergency Department

    A day 12/15/2019 entitled "Hand in Hand to Improve Care

    Critical ''


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