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 What are the approved journals for publication?

Journals approved by Scopus or Thomson Routers are accredited


2- What is Scopus or Thomson Routers?

Companies specialized in accrediting and following up scientific journals, conferences, and books, and issuing impact factors for each journal


3- What is the impact factor?

A number granted to the scientific journal to evaluate the journal based on the number of published papers in the journal and on the use of the journal's research as sources for research published in journals with an impact factor


4- How much is the impact factor?

It is more than zero and there is no upper limit for it, the highest impact factor is 134 for a medical journal


5- Is a small or large number the best?

The higher the number, the better


6- Is the journal impact factor a fixed number?

No, a number that changes annually, either ascends, descends, or stays the same


7- Does each journal claim to have an impact factor, meaning it is accredited?

No, there are publishing houses that grant themselves an influence factor or institutions that grant an influence factor but are not accredited


8- Who are the accredited bodies to grant the impact factor?

Scopus awards an Impact Factor called CiteScore awarded to 21,500 journals

Thomsn Routers awards award-winning influence factor of 11,000 journals


9- Are every journal approved by Thomson routers Scopus certified?

Not necessarily there are journals accredited by both of them, and only one of them is accredited


10- How do I ensure that the journal is approved by Scopus?

 By searching for the magazine title or the journal's serial number on his website


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