Rules for transferring to the College of Nursing

Rules for transferring to the College of Nursing

New students:

1- The student must have a high school diploma (Science Division).

2- The student must have the minimum score for admission to the college.

3- The student must pass the admission tests held by the college.

4- The first foreign language should be the English language, with the exception of language school graduates.

5- The number of students transferred should not exceed (10%) of the students.

6- Failure to accept transfers after the prescribed period for the commencement and end of the transfers announced at the college has passed.

7- The student should not have exhausted the number of repetitions in the college in which he was enrolled.

Students transferred to the next level:

1- Provided that the student is transferred from a college, applying the credit hours list.

2- The number of transferred students shall not exceed (10%) of the students for each academic level.

3- If the student submits a statement of his status in the courses and grades of the courses that he has studied in the college from which his tape was transferred

      The college follows the credit hour system.

4- Exempting the student from attending the examination for some of the courses that have been previously studied and succeeding in them in the college

    Transferred from it, in the event that the number of hours of the courses in the faculty from which he is transferred matches the number of hours

    Students with  bachelor’s degree

1- He holds a bachelor’s degree (second year, Division of Sciences), provided that he has not obtained the previous university qualification, Memory of more than five years.

2- A student may be exempted from attending some academic courses or from taking exams in them if it is proven that he attended equivalent courses and successfully passed them, provided that the success rate in these courses is less than 50%.


3- The student pays tuition fees of 8000 pounds annually in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated by the Supreme Council of Universities, and according to the Universities Organization Law and its executive regulations.