Student Affairs

Services provided by the Department of Education and Student Affairs

1- Carrying out the work required by the acceptance tests.

2- Receiving the files of new and accepted students in the college after passing the admission tests determined by the college, according to the lists of the coordination office.

3- Receiving the course registration form at the beginning of each semester

4- Postponing the conscription for students who are eligible for postponement until the age of 28, after 5 - the student submitting the military card.

5- Take the necessary measures to stop the registration and the excuses.

6- Filling out the rail and transportation subscription forms after paying the tuition fees

7 - Fulfill university cities forms.

8- Take the necessary procedures for certificates and registration data.

9- Preparing study schedules and examination schedules, after extrapolating students ’opinions about organizing exam schedules.

 10- Fulfilling the national ID cards for students wishing to obtain them after paying the fees.

11- Take the necessary measures to complete the case study form for students who are unable to pay the fees.

12 - Counting the outstanding students to receive the excellence reward according to the student’s ranking in the exam result.

13- Take the necessary measures to attend military education for male students.

14- Student card work.

15- Making sitting numbers / work-year exams sheets / oral examinations / practical / final exams.

16- Preparing examination halls / preparing reports on exam work.

17- Creating a student register / recruitment record for male students / foreign students registry.

18- Satisfying any statistics that require the different academic levels in the college.

19- Take the necessary measures to transfer students to the Medical Administration in the event of their illness

20- Preparation of student punishment decisions

21- Take the necessary measures to correspond with students in case of absence, and warnings.