College goals


College goals

The college aims to obtain graduates / professionals who are able to provide health care for the individual, family and community and serve the environment in the event of health and disease through:

1-Upgrading the quality of educational outcomes and student and community activities for the graduation of a nurse with a high degree of scientific and clinical competence that enables them to practice nursing in a manner that keeps pace with scientific and cultural progress

2. Updating and developing educational programs and curricula in the college in order to achieve the reference academic standards

3. Improving comprehensive nursing care methods based on the ethical values of the nursing profession

4. Graduating a nurse who is able to meet the health needs of individuals, families and communities

5. Develop the ability to judge clinical cases through scientific investigation, critical thinking and evidence-based logical analysis

6. Developing continuous and personal learning skills through keeping pace with the rapid progress of science and knowledge

7. The development of human resources in the college in the educational, research, technological and administrative fields

8. Providing distinguished postgraduate programs that contribute to developing society, qualifying researchers, and developing their methodological, scientific and intellectual capabilities

9. Use communication skills in dealing with individuals, family and society

10. Incorporate health education into nursing care with the aim of protecting community members from health problems