Program Admission Requirements


program Admission Requirements

For Admission to Faculty of Nursing Kafrelsheikh University to obtain a Bachelor's Degree of Nursing Scribe.   To have the English language as the first foreign language with the exception once, the following Requirements must be fulfilled

a.     To be holder of the Secondary school Education Final Certificate scientific section of language school graduates 

b.     Graduates of Secondary Technical Nursing School (five years Nursing Education following 9-basic years in education) and Technical Nursing Institutes are admitted after passing written entrance admission exam plus personal interview & medical check up , these in accordance with rules, polices, and regulations and number determined by the Supreme Council of Universities.

c.     BSC. Graduates scientific section (Secondary school Education Final Certificate scientific section

d.     Applicants must fulfill the Faculty entrance admission exam requirements (written exams plus personal interview & medical check up).

e.     Student should attend the study as full-time during their study

f.      A copy of transcript for BSc. Holders should  be submitted

g.     A copy of transcript for Graduates of Secondary Technical Nursing School and Technical Nursing Institutes for those who passed the entrance admission exam , personal interview ,  physically fit and  be accepted to complete  study in the Faculty to be submitted.

Written instructions concerning the application and selection , admission exam , personal interview, and medical check up is announced through Faculty of Nursing Web- site and through plasma screen close to Students Affairs Department, Faculty of Nursing   



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