Strategic objective

 strategic goals

The strategic goals of faculty of Nursing include the three pillars: education, scientific research, and community service through: -

·        Distinction between nursing curricula and distinction between theoretical study and scientific application with methodologies based on developing creative abilities to achieve competence and qualitative quality for the graduate 

·        Developing students ’educational capabilities by activating modern strategies in teaching and learning and encouraging them to life long learning and training to produce distinguished cadres in various nursing majors

·        The presence of graduate programs that keep pace with international standards through continuous support to develop an integrated scientific research system and expand the college in meeting the needs of society based on an assessment and identification of these needs

·        Formulating an effective partnership with the parties of the health system by providing consultations to local and regional community bodies through the distinguished elements of faculty members.

·        Development of self-resources and material capabilities of the college

·        Activating self-evaluation and continuous improvement to achieve excellence in all elements of the field of university education and scientific research