youth care

Services provided by youth welfare

Youth care in the college prepares student programs and activities and helps youth work leaders in the college to prepare social, sports and cultural student programs and activities, mobile, public service, and scientific societies in addition to social services, such as helping students who are unable to continue studying, material and in-kind assistance through social solidarity.

Helping youth work leaderships through the Student Union committees to implement them according to a timetable within the framework of the rules, systems and regulations of the college to benefit from them to achieve personal growth and a sense of loyalty and belonging to the college and university.

 Student activities aim to achieve what follows

* The development of spiritual and moral values ??and national and national awareness among students, training them to lead and providing opportunities to express their opinions.

Spreading the healthy university spirit among students and strengthening the ties between them and the faculty and staff.

Discover students' talents and abilities and encourage them.

Spreading and encouraging the formation of families and supporting their activities.

Disseminating and organizing sports, social, scouting, artistic and cultural activities, raising their level and encouraging outstanding students in them.

Organizing the utilization of students' energies in community service in a way that would benefit the nation.

Spreading the spirit of sporting values ??among students and encouraging their practice and participation in national competitions and festivals.

Developing students' artistic activity and providing the opportunity to highlight and refine their talents and raise their artistic production.

Spreading the scout movement among the college dogs, including various activities characterized by a special character, such as camp life, vacations, scouting trips, and scout festivals.

Developing social ties between students and faculty members in the college and spreading the spirit of cooperation, brotherhood, and deep-rooted university values.

Introducing the student to the characteristics of society and its development needs, supporting values, adhering to customs and traditions, and developing the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the motherland, our beloved Egypt.

Developing scientific and technological capabilities and disseminating knowledge in practice and application through science clubs and scientific societies.

Social Solidarity Fund: -

 Special financial aid (city - college expenses - any other aid)

    the conditions:-

The student must be a newcomer to his division 1

The student must be Egyptian 2

He benefits from one type of aid. 3

Required Documents:-

Social research from the Social Affairs Unit located in the student’s residential area.

· Items of salary or pension or agricultural tenure of the guardian.

It is submitted to the Youth Welfare Office.

The social search mechanism

The student submits the social research, salary items and copies of the parent's family card to the social worker.

The social worker dumps the student’s data into a special record for that and makes the average income per person and the number of family members.

Student research is reviewed by the specialist / social worker to find out the special cases, the number of students applying for support, and the existing budget, and accordingly, the average student who gets the support is determined.

The amount of the amount to help the student is determined through the college’s Social Solidarity Fund, whether it is tuition / university city expenses or other aid.

Present special cases to Prof. Vice Dean for Education and Student