The Vice Dean for Community Service Affairs


Dear students, Hello and welcome to the College of Nursing. The concept of community service has become one of the most important strategic goals of the college through which the college can link the academic community with civil society and develop cooperation between the college and the various health and community sectors, which is represented in interaction with the surrounding community and effective participation in providing services for development and creativity in order to effectively participate in supporting the development process. And also to activate the participation of faculty members and students in an appropriate manner and according to the needs of society and the labor market in order to ensure raising the level of the graduate and upgrading the profession of nursing. Dear students, be keen on practicing scientific, sports and environmental activities and benefiting from the college’s services. We also seek to develop this college and advance its mission so that it continues to play its role in community service and support the college’s renaissance process and graduate a generation of young people able to compete in the labor market.

May God help us all to serve our dear nation and wish you success, for our college and our university, for progress and prosperity.

Prof. Dr. /Nagwa Gouda

Curriculum Vitae

Community activities during the past five years of the Faculty of Nursing, Kafr El Sheikh University, through the following link: -