The Vice Dean for Post-graduate Studies Affairs

In the name of of Allah 

“But as for the butter, it will go dry. As for what benefits the people, he will stay on the ground”.

Within the framework of the university strategy that emanates from Egypt's 2030 strategy, The Faculty of Nursing - Kafrelsheikh University is fully aware of all educational and cultural activities As its mission is not limited to education only, but includes scientific research Because the events of any scientific, cultural or social renaissance in society comes only with education and scientific research Who serves society in all its fields

Consequently, interest in postgraduate studies, research and cultural relations is the way to prepare distinguished scientific cadres internally and externally through scientific missions to see the continuous development in all fields

In order to support the College of Nursing, the university spared no effort in developing all fields of scientific research so that the College of Nursing is one of the beacons of science at Kafrelsheikh University and at the level of Egyptian and Arab universities.

We pray to God Almighty to grant us success in what we aim for.

                                                                      God grants success ..


Prof. Dr. / Hala Abd EL-Fatah

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