Requirements for Master`s Degree


 1.      Four core courses in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in each semester (24 credits).
Three elective courses based on the total scientific background in each semester (18 credits).

2.      The total of 42 credits during the two semesters is a requirement for the diploma Certificate.

3.      To qualify for admission to the second part of Master`s program, Candidates should successfully complete the Diploma courses with a minimum GPA 3.0 level.

4.      Completion of an original research project that represents a significant scientific contribution that leads to the submission of an acceptable Master’s thesis.

5.      Accepted Candidates must submit a proposal outlining an original research project constituting a Master's thesis to his or her thesis committee. The candidate must describe the motivation and background for the thesis, the critical milestones for completing the research, and a statement of work outlining a specific research plan.

6.      The research plan should contain a part of the case study for industrial, agricultural, medical, engineering or environmental applications, etc.

7.      Upon timely completion of the thesis research project, the candidate prepares a thesis and submits the final draft to his thesis supervisors. The committee ascertains the suitability of the draft and recommends amendments, which the candidate must complete before the final defense is scheduled. Once approved by the committee, permission is granted for the candidate to present and defend his or her thesis in a public seminar.

8.      Research and writing a master's thesis (9 credits).

9.      Seminar/ Defense of Master Thesis (3 credits).








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