Admission Requirements

Admission to any Master`s program is limited to students who satisfy all admission requirements, including language requirements.

a)   Top-level Candidates have qualified a bachelor's degree in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry or equivalent from a recognized university with minimum GPA 3.0 in their majors. However, the admission marks vary from year to year, depending on the number of applications.

b)   Language requirements for admission to each program if your first language is not English: a minimum of 450 points in the TOEFL score or a minimum of 5 points on the IELTS exam and obtained within the last two years.

c)   You will also need to submit to the Admissions office the following documents,

• A copy of your CV

• A copy of the research proposal

• Original or certified copies of your degree certificate/transcript

• Two (2) academic references.