The Governor in the Hospitality of Kafrelsheikh University Council


 Today, Tuesday, 28/6/2022, Kafrelsheikh University Council headed by Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Dosouky, the university president, holds its monthly session in the council hall to discuss a number of topics related to the educational and research process, in the presence of Major General Gamal Nour El-Deen, Governor of Kafrelsheikh; Prof. Dr. Hassan Younes, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research; Prof. Reda Saleh, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development; Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abed El-Aal, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs, Deans of Faculties, University Legal Advisor and Dr. Ali Sabri, Secretary General of the University.

Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Dosouky, President of the University, thanks the university’s employees for the discipline in organizing the work of the end of the second semester exams, and praises the application of precautionary measures, and directs the speedy completion of the control work and announcing the results to the students.

Dr. Desouky confirms the continuation of participation in the "Dignified Life" initiative, all presidential initiatives, and interest in community service and environmental development activities.

Noor El-Deen says that the governorate is witnessing great interest from the President Sisi, in all sectors, whether health, housing, education, roads, recreational services, the development of city capitals, the presidential program "a dignified life" and other service projects.


Major General Gamal Noor El-Deen, Governor of Kafrelsheikh, states that a logistics zone will be established in cooperation with the catering next to the university on an area of 11 acres, under the direction of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.