“Challenges and Solutions”……A Seminar about coronavirus (nCoV2019) at Faculty of Medicine



 Today Tuesday 11/2/2020, under the patronage of the President Prof Dr Abed El Raziq Dousoki, Faculty of Medicine organizes a seminar entitled “coronavirus (nCoV2019)…Challenges and Solutions” in the seminar hall in the presence of the vice president for post-graduation studies and research Prof Dr Hasan Youness, the vice president for community service and environment development affairs Prof Dr Reda Salih, a number of deans, the vice dean for education and students’ affairs, the vice dean for post-graduation studies and research Prof Dr Taha Ismail, the vice dean for community service and environment development affairs Prof Dr Tarek Abed El Baqi, the manager of university hospital Prof Dr Mohammad Khalil, a number of staff members and a crowd of students.

As well, the seminar reviews the history and origin of the virus, how it develops, ways of prevention, the importance of being careful to avoid infections of the respiratory system, as well as contact with those who suffer from respiratory infections, washing hands with soap and water regularly, and avoiding contact with animals and unclean places and it also aims at developing health awareness, awareness of the virus and how to prevent it via the presentation of documentary and awareness films and the distribution of pamphlets containing how to prevent the virus and explaining the role of preventive medicine in monitoring it, the most important clinical symptoms and anti-infection procedures and treatment plan.

A number of professors of Faculty of Medicine speak at the seminar, and Dr Nahla Naseer, a professor of clinical pathology, explains information about the emerging coronavirus (nCoV2019) - laboratory diagnosis and methods of prevention.

During the President’s speech, he welcomes the attendees and congratulates them on the occasion of the beginning of the second semester, wishing success for all and mentions that the organization of such seminar comes within the framework of the leadership and societal role of health sector colleges and the university hospitals to raise awareness of the emerging virus, pointing to the role of faculties specialized in disseminating awareness and guidance, clarifying the reality of matters and explaining ways of prevention and how to protect against Coronavirus.


Otherwise, the President confirms that an educational preventive campaign will be organized for all students and university employees on how to prevent coronavirus, in addition to organizing preventive lectures for students residing in the student housing.