Follow-up to the Dean of the College of Clinical Examinations, Department of General Surgery



rof. Dr. Mohamed Abdelaal Dean of the Faculty checked the clinical exams in the Department of General Surgery for the undergraduate students, and his Excellency was keen to welcome the participating professors of surgery and to reassure students before the exam to prepare them psychologically and explain to them modern methods of evaluation and optimal methods of communication with the patient. The examinations were supervised by Prof. Dr. Khaled Ismail, the professor of surgery and head of the department. His Excellency said that the exams were conducted in a completely neutral and transparent manner. Prof. Taha Ismail, professor of surgery and Vice-Dean for post Graduate and Research affairs said that the department applies modern methods of interactive teaching with student participation, problem solving, and that evaluation is carried out in two ways, OSCE and OSPE, to measure the range of skills OSCE and OSPE to measure students' clinical and practical skills. The elite of surgery professors participated in the exam from faculty of medicine in the universities of Tanta and Mansoura, who are Prof. Dr. Jalal Aboreh, Professor Dr. Hamada Dawood, Professor Dr. Hamdi Sidqi, Professor Dr. Muhammad Hamdi Abu Rayh, Professor Dr. Akram Al-Batrani, Professor Dr. Muhammad Al-Sheikh, Dr. Khaled Al-Shimi, and Dr. Muhammad Arafa Also, Prof. Dr. Osama Al-Dimashiti, Professor of Oncology, Mansoura Medicine. Dr. Reda Fawzi lecturer of head and neck surgery, and the rest of the general surgery department team including assistant lecturers and resident doctors


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