Design of the department


Now ,Critical Care Medicine department consists of two Intensive care units occupied with 18 beds still waiting more Units to be included in the future

Job description of Critical care medicine department staff :

Job description of the department chief :

1)    To ensure a good standard of patient care within the resources available in all units.

2)    To ensure that medico-legal requirements are fulfilled.

3)    To conduct daily morning meeting.

4)    To supervise education programs for staff.

5)    To orient new staff on ICU standards, policies and procedures.

6)    To evaluate staff in the department upon request of administration.

7)    To check regularly all equipment and drugs required for resuscitation and life support with relevant staff.

8)    To organize the work in the department.To upgrade hospital external disaster plan.

9)    To act as liaison between Critical care medicine department and all other hospital departments.

10)    To attend as a member in the different committees like CPR, Mortality and morbidity.

11)    To implement quality management programs.

12)    To monitor the services regularly and patient satisfaction.

13)    ensure a good communication system in all units.

14)    To comply with duties assigned to him by administration.

                             Job description of the consultant

1)    To deputies department chief when on duty after working hours and solve administrative problems.

2)    To supervise and guide junior staff during duty.

3)    To facilitate the implementation of policies &procedures.

4)    To participate actively in departmental teaching activities.

5)    To ensure smooth running and plan of patients within the department.

6)    To comply with duties assigned to him by department chief.

Job description of the specialist

1)    To start management of critical cases according to ICU protocols.

2)    To supervise and guide residents during duty hours.

3)    To provide assistance to residents when required.

4)    To review the documentation of medico-legal cases finished by resident.

5)    To facilitate the implementation of policies & procedures of ICU.

6)    To work in close collaboration with the nursing staff.

7)    To comply with duties assign to him by department chief.

Job description of the resident :

1)    Follow up the 1CU patients, documenting the patient history in the patient‘s medical records. Requesting the necessary tests. and reporting to his consultant about the cases.

2)    Follow up and interpret all results of laboratory and radiological investigations performed upon the patient  and discuss with his immediate senior on duty call.
 Ensure that result are ready before the group round

3)    Follow up all outside tests and ensure that reports are ready before the group rounds.

4)    Participate during group with the consultant and the specialist.

5)    Responsible for assessment and management of patients admitted to the ICU under the supervision of the treating consultant & treating the patients according to treatment plan formulated for the patient.

6)    Participate in the presentation of the problems during grand rounds or grand meeting.

7)    Attend and participates in departmental committee meeting e.g. Morbidity and Mortality committee meeting.

8)    Perform Admission sheet. Progress notes. Discharge summaries and death reports for patient.

9)    Write referral papers for patients requiring transfer to another service / hospital.

10)    Treatment and C PR in patients with shock or arrest in the ICU under guidance of the intensivist or heating consultant.

11)    Ensure that the consultant‘s/ intensivist‘s orders are carried out.

12)    Performing daily round for the ICU patients. Registering his medial notes in the patient’s medical record about the cases and stating the status of the patient's condition.

13)    Responsible for writing in the patient‘s file a summary of the patients main problems. Diagnoses and medical plan. as well as any other instructions before the end of his shift duty.

14)    Perform procedures under supervision of senior staff

15)    Assist the intensivist while performing any procedures.

16)    Escort patient whenever transferred to any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure intra hospital or inter hospital.

17)    Train the intern doct0ts and assist them.

18)    Joining the consultant mound and completing the transfer and discharge

19)    Liaise with members of the health teams. Nursing and medical support services for the needs of the patient c.g. laboratory results. Consultation.

20)    Participate in the teaching programs and research works for the department.

21)    identify patient and family's needs for education. and provide the same.

22)    Respect the patient rights according to the hospital policy and inform him about his responsibilities when needed.

23)    Participate in all quality management activities within his/her department.

24)    Be aware of standards precautions for infection control and implement the infection control guidelines in his day to day activities.

25)    Abide the duties according to duty rota and shares workload / replace duties in case of vacation of other residents.

26)    Abide rules and regulations as narrated in Medical Staff Bylaws.

27)    Acknowledge his/ her role in hospital internal and external disaster plans and supervise his/her subordinates