Activities and services



Activities and services:


For undergraduate students:


 Teaching histology and cell biology theoretically and practically to:


Medical students in the first year


Medical students in the second year


Dental students in the first year at Kafrelsheikh University.


Pharmacy students in the first year in Kafrelsheikh.


Physical therapy students in the first year in Kafrelsheikh 

For postgraduate students:


 A - Theoretically and practically teaching histology and cell biology for master students in the following majors:


General Surgery




Orthopedic Surgery


Neurological and psychological diseases


 Chest diseases


B - Teaching histology and cell biology for chemical analysis diploma students.


C - Teaching histology to PhD students in physical therapy in the following disciplines Basic Sciences


Other duties:


In cooperation with other academic and clinical departments, participation in various researches is also carried out, as well as supervision and participation in many master and PhD theses which are in our department especially for electron microscopy studies, fluorescent microscopy, tissue culture, cellular genetics, immunological studies and image analysis of the light microscope.


Postgraduate study programs


Department of Histology and Cell Biology:


Master's degree, PhD


Student activities and the department's annual report:


Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College


 After Greetings

We have the honor to inform you of the annual report of the department of Histology and Cell Biology for the Academic year 2015/2016 AD, as follows


First: The course:


1- Lectures:


Each of: Dr. Maha Mohamed Abo Gazia (Professor of Histology), Dr. Marwa Mohamed Abdel Salam (Lecturer of Histology) and Dr.Amira Mohamed Osman,teach lectures of the course of histology to the following teams:

A- First year, human medicine.


B- Second year, human medicine.


C- First year, dentistry.


D- First year, pharmacy.


E- First year, physical therapy.


2- Practical lessons:


Where all the members of the support committee participated under the supervision of the head of the department, they are:


 Naira Ashraf Elashmony.


Azza Ibrahim Helal.


Sally Ahmed Elekhtiar.


They participated in teaching practical sections to students of the forementioned teams and training them on how to use the microscope to examine the scheduled practical slides and how to distinguish between different samples. The data show was also used to display the different images of the curriculum in order to approximate the image to students.


3- Tests:


First: theoretical tests:


The students of the different teams have passed two basic theoretical tests of histology:


The first: the so-called 20% test.


Second: The Final Test.


Second: periodic tests:


Where students performed several periodic tests throughout the year, in order to ensure the department was able to determine the extent of students' understanding of what is taught in the courses.


Third: The practical test:


Where students took a practical test at the end of the year, the test included two main parts:


1- Slide recognition test presented on the data show.


2- A sample recognition test under a microscope.


Fourth: Oral test:


As for the oral exams, the distinguished faculty members were hired from the histology departments from different Egyptian universities and we were honored by all of them.


Second: educational student activities:


Where the students were divided in the practical lessons into groups under the supervision of the associate staff, and a group of different assignments was created, which included talking about different points in the course to be linked in one way or another to a clinical part so that the first and second year students can communicate with the working life and even he is not bored by pure academic study.

Third: Conferences and Symposia:


1- All members of the teaching staff and the assisting department attended the annual conference of the Egyptian Stem Cell Society in Assiut, according to an official invitation from the association..


2- The department was supervised by:  Prof.. Dr. Majid Al-Qamary, Prof.Dr. Hassan Al-Batea, Prof. Dr. Maha Abu Gazia. He organized a scientific symposium and workshop entitled Basic techniques of stem cell isolation and Tissue culture, in cooperation with the Biotechnology Unit of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the university, during which we were honored with the attendance of a large number of faculty members and the supporting staff from colleges and various universities.

Fourth: The exchange of experiences:


Where the use of the unit of Biotechnology at the university to make slides for students for the purpose of teaching them with practical knives, as was the use of a technician from the Faculty of Human Medicine - Mansoura University.


Fifth: Social activities:


1- Prof. Dr. Maha Abu Jazia, Supervised on the Student Union elections last year, and she organized the conduct of the electoral process in order to ensure transparency.


2-  Dr/Amira Osman supervised the students during a recreational trip to find any obstacles that might disturb the journey.

3-  Azza Helal, Sally Elekhtiar, Naira Elashmouny lead some families inside the university, such as the Resala family and the Idea family.


4 - Each of  Azza Helal and Naira Alashmouny obtained a masters degree in medical histology from the University of Tanta, and they registered for a PhD from Banha University.


5- Each of Amira Osman and Naira Ashraf submitted their papers to obtain foreign missions


6- Also prof. Dr. Maha Abo Gazia supervised and discussed several MA and PhD theses submitted by the Faculties of Science and Human Medicine at the Universities of Alexandria, Mansoura and Tanta.

Yours sincerely,

Introduction to your supervision of the department

Histology and cell biology


 Prof. Dr. Maha Mohamed Abo Gazia