about the department


The section includes the following:


1- Teaching laboratories for students equipped with light microscopes, as well as all the different teaching aids.


2- Research lab: It includes the following basics of laboratories:


      A-Light Microscopy Research Laboratory


              This lab includes many modern research microscopes in addition to sample preparation and dyeing devices. The lab prepares special slide sections for students of the first and second years, and their number reaches more than one hundred types. The lab also creates slides for the research of the department members including demonstrators, assistant lecturers,lecturers and professors .



B- Electronic microscope research laboratory


             This unit includes a powerful electronic microscope equipped with a digital camera. It also includes sample preparation and dyeing devices, such as a very precise cutting device and a knife preparation device, in addition to the printing  room for preparing pictures. The lab provides its services to postgraduate students as well as to  researchers from inside and outside the department.


 C- Tissue Chemistry and Immunology Laboratory


             This lab includes a cryostat (frozen sample cutter) device and is formulated to study tissue chemistry and immunology of tissues. The laboratory provides its services to postgraduate students from master's and MD degrees, as well as research by faculty members of the department and the various departments of the college.

D-Cell Genetics Research Laboratory and Basic techniques for stem cell isolation and tissue culture


              The laboratory includes some devices and equipment for preparing cell genetics to study the composition of (chromosomes) and the effects of the environment and various materials on them. Basic techniques for isolating stem cells and tissue culture


E-Lab for continuing medical education and educational media


               The lab includes many assistive devices in the educational process, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate level students. Such as: computers, research microscopes equipped with digital cameras for viewing on television, microscopes equipped with digital cameras for viewing through an information projector directly on display screens.