exchanging educational experiences with the faculty of medicine of Tanta universty


In the context of exchanging educational experiences, Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abdel-All, Dean of Kafr El-Sheikh faculty of Medicine met Professor Dr. / Ahmed Ghoneim, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University. This great meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Taha Ismail, Vice-Dean of post graduates and scientific research and Prof. Dr. Khaled Ismail, Head of the Department of General Surgery, faculty of Medicine Kafr elsheikh University. During the meeting, Prof. "Abdel-All" thanked and greeted His Excellency Dr. Ghoneim for his good hospitality, stressing on the importance of exchanging learning experiences between the two universities in a way that enhances the quality of the educational process. Moreover, Dr. Ghoneim expressed his happiness during this meeting and confirmed that he welcomed the cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two universities.