Student Housing Organizes a cultural evening for international students



 Under the patronage of Prof Dr Abed El Raziq Dousoki, the general administration of student housing organizes a cultural evening in the presence of the vice president for post-graduation studies and research Prof Dr Hasan Hasan Younis, the general director of student housing Mr Tarek el Mulla, the supervisor on student housing (females) Dr Najwa El Khatib and Dr Ahmed El Tarawi, the supervisor on student housing (males).

During the evening, the international students presented songs, poems, and artistic performances, reflecting their different cultures from Singapore, China and Palestine.

As well, Prof Dr Hasan Younis explains that the evening aims at promoting a culture of constructive dialogue among students of different nationalities and highlighting the role of the university in promoting the culture of tolerance and coexistence among all its students and  developing the values of social responsibility and the home service and identifying cultures and folklore of all its features in every culture.

The President says that the university administration is keen to promote and consolidate these cultures in the hearts of students via the adoption of policy of openness and dialogue with all to promote the rapprochement among peoples to be a bridge of communication between the peoples of the world and their different cultures in an open and respectful environment that promotes the value of coexistence.