Our services




Our Health Programs and Treatment Services

1.     Medical Education:

The department provides educational, diagnostic and research programs to educate and train underground students to build and develop the competencies of medical and contribution to the development of human resources.


2.     Community service and environment development:

The department aims to provide health care for the individuals by exact laboratory diagnosis of parasitic diseases in collaboration between academic departments and the study of health problems resulting from parasitic diseases.


3. Research and scientific purposes:

Conduct basic research of parasitic diseases and disease vectors using advanced techniques.

Work on the use of advanced techniques and their development and indigenization.

Provide expertise, scientific and technical consulting for the diagnosis and research of parasitic diseases.

Work to open channels with scientific academic disciplines, various scientific specialized local and international institutes in order to exchange experiences and organize academic programs and various projects.

provide a database for research and theses.


Our Services Units

·        Medical parasitology diagnosis and research