Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Program


The Scientific and Cultural Exchange Committee at American Fulbright Commission between United States of America and Arab Republic of Egypt announces about opening the door of applying for Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Program.

The program aims to develop the professional abilities of staff members at Egyptian universities and higher institutes granting Bachelor degree through providing an opportunity to get scholarship for ten weeks from July 8, to September 16, 2018 in some universities of United States of America. The deadline for Fulbright scholarship program is on December 1st, 2017 in one of the following fields:

·         Renewable energy and engineering sciences (solar energy, wind energy, hydropower energy, biofuels and geothermal energy):chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering; the specialists should relates directly to renewable energy field (scholarships do not include petroleum engineering or nuclear energy)

·         Public health sciences: epidemiology, nutrition, management of health care services, family and community health, professional health

·         Teaching English as a second language/ linguistics: applied linguistics and teaching English as a foreign language or a second language (scholarships do not include specialists of English or American literature or American studies)

·         Scholarships do not include conducting any individual researches.

For more information, please call:

T: (332) - (200) internal 0233357978- 0233359717

Mobile: 01065547399

Fax: 0237627346

E-mail: jfdp@bfce.eun.eg

Website: www.fulbright-egypt.org/program/jfdp