Kafrelsheikh University Council Approval for Collaborative Agreements with International’ Universities


On its regular monthly meeting (held on Monday 27/ 11/2017) Kafrelsheikh University Council headed by Prof.Dr. Maged Elkemary , University president has approved on a couple of collaborative agreements with several Research centers & a couple of International Universities for the sake of necessity of getting benefits of foreign experiences in the field of Science & Research. In that meeting, a   three collaborative agreements have been approved in the field of science with Greek National Center for Scientific Research; Institute of Nanotechnology and Science at Greece; the 3rd agreement with University of Kagoshima, Japan.

In addition, the university’ council has approved on a collaborative agreement between Kafrelsheikh university and National Commission of Universities,
 Nigeria ; these for high school students who are interested to obtain a bachelor's degree in Nursing Science  from Faculty of Nursing , Kafrelsheikh University.  
These agreements are within the country’ interest and paying attention of the importance of scientific Research & the support of   cooperative   relations between
 Egypt and International Universities in the field of Higher Education ; Science & Technology.  
 On his side, and in that meeting Prof. El Kemary stressed on necessity of  getting benefits from available facilities at the university, with its global advantages
among other universities, in addition an approval has been taken by the council about the  medical treatment project  between the university &  Orman Charity Association
  at Kafrelsheikh Governorate.