Scientific Visit of October University’ Modern Sciences & Arts’ Students to Kafrelsheikh University


Today Saturday 25/11/2017, the president Prof Dr. Maged el Kemary welcomed a group of October University for Modern Sciences and Arts’ students;    they are attending  Kafrelsheikh University  for a scientific visit to get oriented with the latest technological and scientific development  at Kafrelsheikh University; especially  the Institute of Science of Nanotechnology ; the students were impressed of what they have seen regarding updated and advanced equipment as well the modern & technological techniques that have been followed at the institute. In addition, they visit Faculty of Pharmacy where the educational factory for manufacturing of drugs; and educational strategies for pharmacy. The visit   also, included the Faculty of Fisheries;   factory of manufacturing and preservation of processed fish ;   in addition to the factory of fodder and fish ponds. Students also expressed their point of views and outstanding facilities  of the university as well as the  university hospital commenting that what they have seen is not less than the International levels.

As a consequence, of this visit Prof Dr. Maged el Kemary mentioned that the exchange of such visits are  helping  students to have more information;  and get oriented with the update and advancement  in sister’ universities;  furthermore,  it gives chance   for exchanging knowledge and keep in peace  with scientific and cultural development among different universities.

Also, the president commented that it is worth to mention that  Kafrelsheikh University has become a shrine for scientific tourist for the students and professors of universities from inside and outside Egypt; as a result of its rapid development in different areas i.e. in terms of education  ; and research   within  the international quality standards.