“The New Traffic Law & Civil Protection”


Today Wednesday 15/11/2017, the Faculty of Arts organized a symposium about Safety Awareness “The new Traffic Law and Civil Protection” under the patronage of Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, Kafrelsheikh University president, the symposium aimed at discussion of what is related to safety and traffic’ culture, some wrong traffic behaviors which we face daily, how to deal and manage it, instructions to be followed have been explained.  Also, Civil Protection Management and its different branches and emergency numbers of citizens that work around the clock relentlessly for the safety and security of the great Egyptian people.

The symposium has been conducted and covered by General Mohammad el Dafrawy, Manager of Traffic Management of Kafrelsheikh Governorate ; in addition , General Reda Abed el Hamid, Manager of Civil Protection Management of Kafrelsheikh Governorate. Both Generals conducted the session in the presence of the vice president for Community Service and Environmental   Affairs Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa; and vice president of Education and Students Affairs Prof Dr. Abed el Raziq Dousouki, in addition to representatives of Security Managements of the Ministry of Interior.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary commented that the aim of such seminars is to link the university with civil community and to contribute to necessary awareness for university students and all categories targeted by the university as well as to highlight and educate a conscious community. The symposium is concluded by answering attendees’ questions i.e. staff members, students and guests, these in relation to the traffic safety, civil protection and public security.