New Strategies of Drug Discovery & Development: Symposium at Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University

Under the Patronage of H.E. Prof. Dr. Maged ElKemary Kafrelsheikh University president & Prof. Dr. Mohey Ebeed; Captain of Egyptian Pharmacists   &  the Secretary General of
 the Union of Arab Pharmacists with  sponsor  of   Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Company , a scientific symposium has been held at Faculty of Pharmacy entitled :” New Strategies of 
Drug Discovery & Development “;  these in coinciding with the issuance of the Republican decree of establishment of Institute for Drug Discovery & Development” 
at Kafrelsheikh University to be the first Institute in Egypt and Arab Countries. The president commented that this Institute will be considered as Neculi 
for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Moreover, the president in his speech clarified that will be the first in the field of drug discovery and development in Egypt and the Arab region 
pointing out although the presence of pharmaceuticals manufacturing in Egypt , the experience of  manufacturing still needs a lot of training and application 
of specialized studies of producing raw materials & decrease drug side effects. H.E. Prof. ElKmary continued his speech emphasizing that Pharmaceutical trade 
is the second after the arms Trade, where drug is one of the necessary human needs; therefore, manufacturing & development of drugs is considered as an 
important axis for Egyptian National Security & a source to increase state resources of hard currency, and as a result of false drug  crisis , the idea of establishment
 of  this institute comes up to have highly qualified and professionals to discover and manufacture, develop  raw materials of drugs.    
On the other hand, Prof. El Kemary stressed that the strategy of drug discovery & development   is  a must;  and should overcome the current level to a production level , as well as  marketing and exporting , whereas, Egypt is considered a very important exporting good location opening a wide door invading the Arabic and African markets. The symposium aims to disseminate culture of drug discovery and development among Academic and industrial organizations , thus , to keep the Egyptian Drug safety.