Collaborative Agreement between Ministry of Communications and Kafrelsheikh University


Today Monday 23/10/2017, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary president Kafrelsheikh University welcomed Dr Abeer Shakwair, Consultant of Minister of Communications and Information Technology for community’  services. The aim of the visit is to investigate the possibilities and search for   different ways of cooperation between   Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Kafrelsheikh University in the field of training individuals   with special needs especially those with visual disabilities and utilization of information technology as well as   providing speech  programs.

During the meeting, the Minister’s consultant explained and pointed out on the interest of Egyptian Government and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to create a community inclusive for individuals with special needs and highlighted on the Ministry’s activities in order to empower and improve technological availability for those individuals through providing a training programs &  services, & providing  scholarships as well.

In addition , Dr. Shakwair emphasized on the need for collaborative cooperation between the university and the ministry and the importance of getting benefits through using information technology and communications in the field of telemedicine in particular . From his side, university president pointed out on utilizing any chances for getting   advantages of information technology and communications as well as he said that he is very keen about and training  students in such fields  to ensure their participation in building and developing the community.