Deposition of Number of Staff Member and Administrative Employees at Kafrelsheikh University


The President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary issues a resolution about terminating the service of Islam Mohammad Sabry and Mohammad Mohammad Abed el Hadi el Sadani, the assistant lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine as well as Doaa Abed el Rahman Abed el Azim, Ahmed Mohammad el Saied Abed Allah and Mahmoud Mohamed el Saied Ibrahim, resident doctors at the University Hospital and Dr Noha Hosni Hamouda, lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering because of their absence from work.

His Excellency also issues a resolution about terminating the service of Dr Jamal Ahmed el Sherbini Mustafa, assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy after issuing final judgment to imprison him three year after proving his membership to the Muslim Brotherhood and his absence from work after the expiration of his sentence.

As well, it is terminated the service of Ahmed Abed el Hadi Mohammad el Suhaimi, engineering affairs technician at the general management of engineering affairs and Ashraf el Saied Abed el Raziq Mohammad, a sportive specialist at the Faculty of Fisheries for their absence from work and belonging to terrorist group.

In addition, it is terminated the service of the following names for their absence from work: Abadi Alo Ahmed Hasan, the specialist of education affairs at the Faculty of Nursing, Mohammad Bayoumi Antar, nursing specialist at the student hospital and Miryana Nabil Wasef Gerges, art specialist at the Faculty of Specific Education.