Symposium about Current Threats to the Egyptian National Security Conducted by Air vice Marshal Hesham el Halabi at Kafrelsheikh University


Today Tuesday 10/10/2017, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary  president  Kafr elsheikh  University  has a meeting with  Air vice marshal  “ staff of war”  Hesham el Halabi, security expert, consultant of Nasser Military Academy, the member of the Egyptian council for foreign affairs and the member of the Egyptian Society of United Nations, who delivered a speech about current threats to Egyptian National Security (Wars of Fourth Generation). El Halabi says: “wars of fourth generation begins to appear in Egypt in 2000, pointing out that wars of fourth generation depend on demolition from inside not from outside and the aim of wars of fourth generation is to control the ideas of population and civilians, affect them and focus on emotion and intimidation rather than armed forces in the state.


As well, el Halabi pointed out that fourth generation wars are the wars that are aroused to undermine the state and destabilize its stability, then impose a new reality, so it is a war that force the state to accept what the enemy wants and its aim is to dismantle the state as a whole, pointing out to characteristics of these wars and its methods such as terrorism and demonstrations under the pretext of peace, then aggression on public and private constructions and how these wars use smart and soft power.


On the other hand, he pointed out to number of examples of these wars in the world. At the end of his speech, he stresses that fourth generation wars and smart power have introduced its applied fields directly in the Middle East and Arab revolutions and the security of state from these wars is vigilance, awareness and scientific analysis of internal, regional and international events through strong and specialized institutions and this is the safety valve of any country that wants to preserve its national security.