Reception of new group of Chinese students at Kafr el-Sheikh


On his office today morning 19/9/H.E. Prof. Dr. Maged Elkemary welcomed a new group of chines students from Lee in University at China and who came for completion of studying Arabic Language at the Learning Center for teaching Arabic Language at the Faculty of Arts at Kafrelsheikh University. He pointed out and stressed that all facilities will be provided for their comfort and rest, and all facilities for teaching learning process as well.  In the same context, the president pointed out that the library will be keep open for their use and utilization at any time.  On his message also the president encouraged students to participate in the students’ activities and trips to get oriented with different cities and beautiful places at Egypt and to get accommodated with Egyptian culture.

The president also, expresses his happiness for reception of the third group of students who came for learning Arabic for those who their mother tongue language is Chinese, where Kafrelsheikh is very keen and have a concern for dissemination of Arabic language and teaching it, also keeping communication with international countries hoping success and excellence in their study.