Press Conference


On  Tuesday 12/9/2017  Prof Dr Maged el Kemary  Kafrelsheikh university president holds press conference to discuss the updated scientific and research developments at the university in addition to discussion of university’s preparations for the new academic year. His Excellency said this year i.e. 017/2018 Kafrelsheikh University will receive around 16 thousand male and female students in the first level, where the expected total number of the students that covers all faculties will reach around 60 thousand students. He added that currently the university gives more attention for all different aspects of students’ activities regarding cultural, artistic, sportive and religious fields,   furthermore keeping a continuous communication as well with students through holding meetings and seminars. In the same context, his excellency stated that for accommodation of students at students housing the process will commence by 1st of October 2017; also the university are about to support the building with a new floor at male housing at Sakkah, while a new female building is currently about to finish and will be ready for receiving couples of female students.  

Regarding the beginning of study at the Nanotechnology’ Institute which considered the first of its kind in Egypt, he said that the university is about to receive couples of Master’s students as well as Doctorate candidates to register and study at the institute. The construction of  the a institute is a part of the second step of the strategic plan of the university aiming at & focusing on excellence in education and research as Kafrelsheikh  university have been transferred  from the stage of foundation to the stage of excellence and Sciences of  Nanotechnology. The Institute many researches about water treatment and solar energy in addition to researches about automatic cleaning of external glass of buildings and researches about monuments restoration had been conducted. Currently there is a plan for cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities for archaeological excavations project in Tel el Farain “Botto” for development of archaeological areas in the Governorate of Kafrelsheikh.

 As regards services provided by the university within the governorate, Prof. El Kemary emphasized that the university are doing all her best in providing all services and achieving the needs on local community levels in several fields e.g. there is a continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Health through training physicians  and  participation of Academic staff  of  Faculty of Medicine in providing health services at the provinces,  in addition to these  another action plan is running in  one of the governorate hospital’ centers providing with specialists and surgeons to assist in different surgical operations  “at Sidi Ghazi Hospital “.

On the other hand, a Collaborative Protocol has been signed with the National Service Body of Armed Forces to build a factory for separation and test the concentration of black sands where the university will do the engineering and scientific consultations for the project in its various stages either construction or separation and concentration.

The president further commented that there are several mutual international cooperation protocols were signed with the Arab and American & other international Universities during the last period e.g.  the university has a collaboration & cooperative agreement   with the British University of Stirling in a fish project for diagnoses of  diseases affecting Bolti & investigation is currently  done to search possibilities of improvement of fish & its resistance to diseases in this regards different researches are conducted on 28 fish farms inside the governorate of Kafrelsheikh as a first stage.

At the conclusion of press conference, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary pointed out that the next University Days will witness the opening of some new buildings i.e. Faculty of Languages, University Masjid, Excellence Center at the Faculty of Agriculture, Medical Committee for staff members, Asafeer el Ganah Nursery, student housing of male students, Laser and Nano photons Labs at the Faculty of Science.