Recommendations of Kafrelsheikh University Council meeting


On its regular & monthly meeting of Kafrelsheikh University council 149 on 28/08/2017 and under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Maged   Elkemary, university   president   who  begin the session by expressing his kind & sincere congratulation for the whole council members for the occasion of Eid Al Adha  El Mubarak  wishing Allah bless all, being healthy  and  in peace as well as  blessings all Arab and Islamic nations.

On his side ,the president stressed on the internal coordination of students within the faculty where it must be done according to the standards of quality, and according to students’ interest & be based on the capacity of each scientific department which corresponds to requirements of the labor market. The president also emphasized on the importance of  adhering to the  regulations which stated for the price of  books  as well the handout  taking into account quality  of print out in addition ,providing the 5% of the recommended book by the faculty member for students who are unable financially. On the other hand, he kindly pointed out for utilization and consumption of energy, especially electricity and replacing ordinary bulbs with LED one for energy-saving.

Also, Prof. ElKemary stressed on the necessity for presence of all assigned physicians and employees of the university hospital during the Eid vacancy, to be sure   that the hospital is in a state of constant readiness to receive patients for any emergency.