Announcement for Residency Physicians


Kafrelsheikh University Hospital announces its need for eleven residents (with specialized third degree) in different clinical specialties .For those who are interested you can check the following website: for required number / specialty:


                       Required numbers



                      Intensive Care


                    Plastic Surgery




         Rheumatology & Physical Therapy  




             Liver and Gastroenterology


               Clinical Pathology


                 Vascular Surgery


Terms of Application:

1)      Applicant should meet the requirements of law provisions No (81) for the year 2016 of   Civil  Law

2)      Applicant   should be Egyptian and a graduate of Governmental Egyptian Universities listed exclusively in the second article of universities regulation law No (49) of the year 1972, have at least very good in general of Bachelor degree and specialization subject.

3)      The applicant should   completed the internship year not more than two years   (Graduates of 2014& 2015); he/she should not more than 30 years old at the date of announcement.

4)      Appointment in the position as resident physician   does not mean or allow the applicant to be appointed in the positions of Assistant lecturer.  


5)      Selection & nomination of applicants will based on the original cumulative total grades without considering added degrees from  the lowest general grades to be raised to the highest according to the Resolution of the Minister of   Higher Education No (1748) on June 4, 2015 . The choice will be done on the announced public session at the appointed time.


6)       Applicant should be one of   Kafrelsheikh governorate ‘Son and one of Kafrelsheikh governorate’ residence,   as well the National ID must be issued before the date of the current announcement.

 Applications are presented personally by the name of   Faculty of Medicine’ Dean   with the original documents within 15 days of the date of the announcement.  The documents includes:

1)      Bachelor certificate

2)      Endorsed certificate clarifying   graduate’ achievement/  grades / each  academic year     

3)      Certificate of covering and ending the internship year   clarifying  the period that the applicant  spent in the university hospitals

4)      6 personal photos

5)      Military service status

6)      Birth certificate

7)      National ID

8)      Criminal status paper

9)      Approval of the work authority

The applications, that do not meet the requirements or will be presented before or after the announcement or through mail, will be excluded and not paid any attention.