ElKemary’ meeting with Responsible of Newton Mosharafa Fund For Grants


On Thursday 3/08/2017, Prof. Dr. Maged ElKemary , Kafrelsheikh university president had a meeting in his office with Newton Mosharafa Fund for Grants ;  funding Research Projects and Collaborative Scientific Agreements as well , these done through an orientation session about Newton Mosharafa Fund.

 The  session aimed at supporting research activities through development of manpower’ skills & abilities by training and exchange of expertise , programs of research collaboration in the field of development & translation of transferring innovations from universities into related fields, in addition Mosharafa  Fund emphasized on five fields & given the priorities in cooperation with Egyptian government as the following: Program of sustainable Development of water; Renewable energy; Production of Sustainable Food, Science of architecture & Cultural monuments ; Reasonable & comprehensive health care for all.  Where these will be achieved through a collaborative funding between the two Governorates i.e.  British & Egypt , where Mosharafa Fund will provide 50 £ millions over a period of 7 years in the field of research & innovation in U.K. , for supporting the most & great possibilities of conducting  scientific research in Egypt and establishing a collaborative agreements between Research organizations of Egypt & British.

   Alongside with this Fund, the University President reported that   Kafrelsheikh university have been a signed collaborative scientific agreement  with Stirling university, Scotland, the agreement in the field of Development farming fishes & funded from Newton Mosharafa by three  £ millions;  in addition to collaboration with London University in medical & pharmatheutical fields.