Collaborative Agreement between Kafrelsheikh University & AlMoutawast University, Egypt


Today,   Wednesday 5th July 2017  president Prof Dr Maged El Kemary  in accompany    with Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sharara,  President of  AlMoutawast  University  have a visit to the Faculty of Pharmacy  & Drug Manufacturing , Kafrelsheikh university  and in the present of 3rd year students while their training on manufacturing some drugs in the Faculty’ Manufacturing Drugs’ Lab . Also, both presidents had a tour in the University hospital, where they visit some of the hospital’ units (Investigation Laboratories , cardiac catheterization unit, Electro encephalogram unit, and Intensive Care Unit).  On his side, Prof. Sharara expresses on his expresses his happiness & appreciation for being visiting Kafrelsheikh University hospital as it highly equipped with high tech and advanced instruments in operating Rooms, and Neonates units which match the international Hospitals.   

This visit came as a part of a collaborative agreement between Kafrelsheikh university and AlMoutawast   University   which in its way to be constructed soon , aiming to get benefit kafrelsheikh university unique experience and a take it as a good model for transferring scientific & Research  experience as well in construction of buildings , laboratories & equipment where Prof. Sharara expressed that Kafrelsheikh University is the pride of Egyptian Universities.