ElKemary, president Kafrelsheikh University Congratulates Republic of Egypt President with the 4th anniversary revolution of 30th of June


On behalf of  KFS’s family and on the behalf  of H.E Prof Dr. Maged  Elkemary , president of KFS university they extend their sincere congratulations to His Majesty president Abed AlFatah Elssisi , president  of Arab Republic of Egypt  and all Egyptians in terms of gender, religion & nationality of the occasion of  the 4th anniversary revolution of 30th of June .

Prof. Elkemary expresses his sincere appreciation for the valuable revolution which the world express all respect, and pride, also this revolution  prove that the Egyptians are always capable of made history, stressing and mentioning that Egypt is  the country who win the victory and overcome the enemy of    countries who tried invading Egypt through-out a long history;   these came with the support &  courage of its military forces who always characterized by its’ tremendous and outstanding sacrifice and citizenship, in addition   its defense for country & citizenship.

Once again, Prof. Elkemary extends his congratulations and best wishes   praying that “May Allah keep Egypt and its people from any worse “