Supreme Council of Universities: Nine Egyptian Universities among Four Global Ranking


Prof. Dr. Ashraf Hatim, the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities -Egypt, said that there are approximately nine Egyptian universities among the four global ranking  of  universities which accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities; they are   Chinese, Qs Times, the two English websites and the “webometrics” Spanish website,.  Although some of them has somewhat late rank in the Chinese ranking, Prof   Hatem further explained  that there are universities that we consider  in Egypt  private universities such as American University and Arab Academy in “webometrics” ranking and others of rankings.

Also, he added: “if we talk according to subjects in universities or specialization, Egypt is No 22 in the world in Nanotechnology researches and No 23 globally in Chemistry. It also has very good “one of top ranking” in Pharmacy, Medicine and Engineering, but there is no state level in Higher Education, but university level”.

He stressed that the following universities “Cairo, Alexandria, Ain Shams, Mansoura, Assuit, Benha and Kafrelsheikh” are almost among all rankings, and pointed out that their ranks have constantly improved, and denying any statement about the exit of Egyptian Universities from rankings.

On the other hand, he announced that there is Times Higher Education ranking at the level of Middle East and Africa, in which ten Egyptian Universities within the top one hundred universities at the level of Africa and Middle East, stressing that the exit of Egyptian education from rankings intended the Ministry of Education at the level of science and technology, not the Higher Education. There is no so-called ranking of higher education, except through universities.